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Wonderland psychedelic upcycled vintage 12" laser disc home decor

Wonderland psychedelic upcycled vintage 12" laser disc home decor

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Elevate your space with our upcycled laser disc decor – the epitome of quirky, groovy, bright, and uniquely fun home accents. Each piece is a testament to creativity and sustainability, repurposing vintage laser discs into unique artworks that add a burst of personality to any room. Explore our collection now and discover the perfect conversation starter to infuse your space with retro charm and modern flair.

These are vintage laser discs, most products will come in their original sleeves (although this is not guaranteed). Please note as they are vintage they will have visible signs of wear, most is undetected unless it's under a spotlight where you can see fine signs of wear.  

You can also select an option to buy with clear sticky tabs for mounting to your wall




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