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Wavy checkered blob shaped decorative clock silent movement

Wavy checkered blob shaped decorative clock silent movement

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Revamp your space with our collection of clocks – the epitome of bright, groovy, and unique home decor. From funky designs to vibrant colours, each clock adds a burst of personality to any room. Crafted with groove and individuality in mind, our clocks not only keep time but also serve as eye-catching statement pieces. Explore our diverse selection now and infuse your home with retro charm and modern flair.
You can opt for numbers on the clocks, the colour of the numbers will match the colour scheme of the clock, but you can specify a specific colour if you'd like in the instructions box

  • Clocks are 30cm DIA
  • Ticking motion is a silent sweep
  • AA battery required (not included)
  • 2mm acrylic 

For any extra details you want to tell us, just add it to the notes box


Our products embody bright decor, groovy decor, unique wall art, funky clocks, vibrant timepieces, retro-inspired design, eclectic home accents.


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